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The Court Report: Georgian Court University’s student-run blog.
The Court Report is GCU’s student-run blog. Containing features related to sports, arts, travel, and news, the blog aims to keep students up to date on all relevant Georgian Court events. All interested students are encouraged to contribute and may contact us at gcucourtreport@gmail.com.

Campus Ministry: The Lion’s Share
Here you’ll find posts that give you insight on all the cool things happening on our campus, which is located directly between New York City and Philadelphia, and you’ll learn about the extraordinary people who make GCU an extra-special place to learn and work.

GCU News: Welcome to the GCU News Blog!
The Lion’s Share, GCU’s campus ministry blog, explores faith and spirituality in the everyday life of GCU students, faculty, and staff. Our desire to grow spiritually is a way of seeking the largest portion–the lion’s share–of what life has to offer.  That starts with a deepening of our relationship with God–a relationship that takes place in the midst of life–in the here and now–on the GCU campus!

Blog IT: Practical ideas from the field
Curious about blogging as a teaching tool? Click on Practical Ideas from the Field, an instructional technology blog moderated by the GCU’s IT Department.

Sustainability: GCU’s responsibility
The GCU Sustainability Blog, a place to read about environmental topics as they relate to GCU.  Learn how the students and faculty at GCU are taking steps to “go green” and how you can get involved.

WILD: Women in Leadership Development
For a unique perspective on leadership and what it takes to set and accomplish goals, check out our WILD blog, produced by GCU’s Women in Leadership Development (WILD) program.

Wellness: Health and Wellness at Georgian Court
The GCU Wellness Blog, is the place to learn about anything and everything related to health and wellness at Georgian Court. You will find information about events happening and reactions to what happened at each one. We are bringing together experts, alumni, and current GCU faculty and students to educate the campus on all sorts of wellness. Most importantly, this blog is a place for the entire GCU community to come together for the common goal of brining awareness of one’s own health. We will be updating almost event day, so please check often.

Holly’s Place: Thoughts about the Bible
And if you enjoy reflecting on spirituality, be sure to read Holly’s Place, where Sister Francesca Holly, one of the Sisters of Mercy on the Georgian Court campus, shares her thought-provoking insight the Bible and its teachings.

GCU Armchair: GCU traveling blog
GCU Armchair Traveler was created for faculty, staff and students at Georgian Court University who travel or dream of traveling. It’s our virtual sit around the campfire; a place where we can share our global experiences — the international encounters that have challenged us; the geography that has encouraged us to shift; and the suprising moments abroad that have helped shape who we are.

Add us to your blogroll and be sure to subscribe to our RSS feeds. From personal information to professional collaboration, you’ll find it here. Pass it on!

Healthy Campus 2020: Introducing GCU Healthy Campus
GCU Healthy Campus is an exciting new initiative. Our goal is to create a campus environment where students, faculty, and staff choose healthy lifestyle behaviors that foster long, healthy lives.

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